What Phil Believes about Government

"Government should never be allowed to compete with business.  It must never provide goods and services that are available in commerce from the private sector. Government should not spend what it does not have. Problems created by over spending and debt won’t be solved by more spending and more debt. We should always trust people over big government. Local control and limited government must be the first resort not the last. Taxes should remain as low as possible and the tax system should be as simple as possible. Excessive regulation smothers life and commerce. Therefore, whatever regulation government maintains must be predictable and navigable. Our courts should be easily accessed but they are not to become profit centers or law makers. Those in public office must have the moral courage to do the right thing with integrity above all."

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Phil's Recent Endorsements

Phil has recently been endorsed by several statewide and national organizations in his upcoming re-election effort. The National Rifle Association and the Texas Association of Business are just a couple of the organizations that want to send Phil back to Austin to fight for the conservative values that he's represented during his time in office.

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